Welcome to SkyLines, your internet platform for flight sharing!

Flight Database

Upload your IGC files and share them with your friends. We won't change your files or restrict you from downloading them again!

Live Tracking

Use your mobile phone to send position updates to SkyLines. Find out how it works here.

Flight Analysis

Use our analysis tools to have a closer look at your flights and how you might be able to improve them in the future.

Task Planning (planned)

Use your browser to plan your tasks before the flight and upload them quickly to your flight computer. Integration of proSoar is planned.

Competitions (planned)

Create competitions to offer your spectators an even better live tracking experience by following all the participants on the same map.

Achievements (planned)

Challenge yourself by trying to complete all the achievements that SkyLines offers. Fly large triangles, long final glides or just do your first outlanding.

Social Network

Skylines also has some social network aspects. You can comment on flights, follow your friends and get notifications if they do anything interesting.

Open Data

The SkyLines flight database is made available under the Open Data Commons Attribution License (ODBY) . Skylines is using waypoint data from the WELT2000 project.

Open Source

Skylines is a community project and entirely based on free software (License). Visit GitHub if you want to help!